Verified Country: 118

Chile is hard country here in Central-Finland at least for me. I was delighted to hear Radio Portales, Santiago from 1180 kHz and also QSL’ed new country! Reception Report was send in spanish but I received verification email in english.

Dear Janne,

We have heard your recording, and it corresponds to the broadcast of “Buenas noches con Portales” on February 9, 2020.Thank you for sending us this record.

Radio Portales de Santiago
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2 thoughts on “Verified Country: 118

  1. Hi Janne. Nice QSLs especially from Portales. I am based in the centre of England and have heard KAAY. Do you have a verie signer for that station? The names and email address on their website is invalid.

    My speciality is Latin America. I visit family in Chile most years and always take a radio! Good luck, and any info you have on KAAY would be gratefully received. Kim

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your message. Could you please send me email: janne [a] and I give your v/s email directly ?

      Best Regards:


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