Loop on ground

After deciding not to build antennas to my excellent remote site this autumn, thanks to few jerks around this hobby I started to look some good antenna for casual DXing in my home here in Jyväskylä. My QTH is quite bad for MW DXing nowadays, as there is plenty of QRM here. So finally I get some tips from my fellow DXer about LOG antenna, Loop on ground and I decided to build this and even I was quite skeptical about it, I decided to give it a try.

Here is a basic concept of antenna: http://www.kk5jy.net/LoG/

In my own version the dimensions are much larger. I utilized to use entire backyard area. The isolation transformer is a home-made device. I wound transformer on the Fair-Rite #73 binocular core, five turns in the antenna side and two in the coaxial side. In my version loop is a more rectangular than square, but it seems to work well that way. If you want the antenna to be less directional, I think the circular shape is better?

This antenna really amazed me! Totally rocks! Even in really noisy enviroment, this antenna is a really really good. Now it’s again possible to listen MW here in my QTH

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