[QSL] DNK: World Music Radio 5840

Dear Janne Heinikangas

Thanks very much for your reception report to World Music Radio (WMR)! Very sorry for the late reply.

I am pleased to verify your report; please find attached the WMR eQSL for 2020. A printed QSL is available for return postage (2 IRCs or 5 euros) for reports to World Music Radio, PO Box 112, DK-8960 Randers SØ, Denmark, or if sending 50 DKK via PayPal to paypal.me/worldmusicradio

WMR is an independent music station with a cheerful mix of tropical, world music. The main focus is on reggae, salsa, Brazilian music and Afropop.

WMR commenced broadcasting on short wave more than 50 years ago from the Netherlands and has since 1997 been owned and operated by Hartvig Media ApS, Denmark. In 2004 broadcasting from Denmark began. At present WMR is broadcasting 24/7 on the Internet and on SW 5840 kHz (from Bramming) as well as Sat-Sun 07-20 UTC on 15805 kHz (from Randers). Within the next two months 927 kHz from Hvidovre, Copenhagen will be added.

Aerials used are a dipole for 5840 kHz (13 m above the ground) and a 3 element yagi beamed south for 15805 kHz (30 m above the ground).

More than 300 reception reports have been received for the transmissions on 5840 kHz (from Randers in 2018 and 2019, and from Bramming as from 2020) from almost 30 different countries; 35 % from Germany, 9 % from Italy, 8 % from Sweden, 7 % from the UK, 7 % from Finland, and 6 % from France. More than 100 reports have been received for 15805 kHz from 29 different countries all over the world; 21 % from Italy, 14 % from Spain, and 11 % from Brazil.

Listening to WMR using this website: http://radio.garden/listen/world-music-radio/g27WAsrY is recommended. Radio.garden is also available as an app for your mobile phone. Please add WMR as your favourite J

Using this site: https://raddio.net/331768-world-music-radio/ you can see the titles of the tracks played on WMR. If you like this site – please give “thumps up” J

Best 73s and good DX,
Stig Hartvig Nielsen,

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