[QSL] DNK: Radio 208 – 5805

Dear Janne Heinikangas

Thanks very much for your reception report to Radio208. I am pleased to verify your report; please find attached a Radio208 eQSL. I apologize for the late reply.

A printed QSL is available for return postage (2 IRCs or 5 euros) for reports to Radio208, PO Box 112, DK-8960 Randers SØ, Denmark, or if sending 50 DKK via PayPal to paypal.me/worldmusicradio

Radio208 is a music station playing songs from the period 1964-1984. The main focus is on classic rock, punk/new wave, alternative and progressive music.

Radio208 commenced broadcasting on 1440 kHz on December 17th 2019 from Ishøj, in the southern suburbs of Copenhagen. The power is 500 Watts, and the transmitter is an old 1 kW CCA sender from 1974. Occasionally a 75 Watts stand by transmitter is in use. The aerial for 1440 kHz is a sloping dipole 2×50 m from a height of approx. 73 m.

Radio208 is also broadcasting on short wave 5805 kHz from Hvidovre, Copenhagen, since May 1st 2020. From the beginning the power was 75 Watts, this was increased to 150 Watts on July 14th 2020 and on November 3rd the power was increased to 250 Watts. The aerial for 5805 kHz is a horizontal dipole.

Radio208 can also be heard via Internet streaming via various platforms such as Tunein.com, Radio.garden, Radio.net, Streema.com and MyTuner.com. In particular listening via this site is recommended: http://radio.garden/listen/radio-208/JhdGV04A (please add Radio208 as your favorite). If you like to see the titles of the tracks played on Radio208 you can use this site: https://raddio.net/331831-radio208/ (please give “thumps up” J )

Best 73s and good DX,
Stig Hartvig Nielsen,

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