[QSL] USA: WGRB Chicago IL 1390

Hello, Janne!

I was happy to receive your 1390 kHz, WGRB Chicago reception report.

It’s always great to hear from listeners everywhere. We typically receive regular reception reports from Sweden, Finland and Norway, especially during the winter months.

We broadcast with 5,000 watts, with different directional constants for DAY and NIGHT modes. The main lobe of the array is broadcast from our transmitter site, on the south side of Chicago, at nine degrees. That actually is the main lobe in both modes, with the nulls in different directions.

The station on 1390 kHz was built in 1941, as WGES. The transmitter building is the very same building, and the tower arrangement is still the same, although the towers were replaced in 1948 after a tornadic event destroyed the originals.
The main transmitter is a Harris DX-10, operating at 5400 watts into a 1986 Vector Technology (Phasetek) antenna phasing system, into a 4-tower parallelogram array. The audio processor you heard is an Orban 9200. The 4 towers are 101-degrees tall at 1.39 MHz, or about 200 feet long. Most of the technical information you can find at this website: http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/amq?list=0&facid=51162

Thanks again, and Happy Holidays!


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