Russian Mil Communication

Western Military District:

The Buzzer (4625 kHz)

D marker (5292 kHz)

T marker (4182 kHz)

The Air Horn (3510 kHz)

The Goose (4310/3243 kHz)

The Alarm (4770 kHz)

Katok-65 (4224/3218.5 kHz)

Southern Military District:

The Pip (5448/3756 kHz)

The Squeaky Wheel (5473/3828 kHz)

Vega (5372 kHz)

Baron-78 (3850/4940 kHz)

Military Transport Aviation, Frequencies

6685,8847 (Secondary),11360,18030

Ground station callsigns

Davlenie: 708th Regiment, Taganrog;

Kasta: 224th Detachment, Tver;

Kornetist: 196th Regiment, Tver;

Korsar: Military Transport Aviation HQ, Moscow;

Magnetron: 566th Regiment, Seshcha;

Lad’ya: Heard in radio checks, location unconfirmed;

Polis: 117th Regiment, Orenburg;

Polotno: Heard in radio checks, location unconfirmed;

Proselok: 334th Regiment, Pskov;

Long Range (Voice)



“Balans” (Moscow),“Katolik” (Saratov),“Dvojchatka” (Moscow-2),“Limit” (Saratov-2)

Long Range (Morse)

8112 (Ground),8990 (Air),11318 (Ground)

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