Is this a love or is this a radio love?

Certainly for many people of my age (40 something) and older, the radio evokes some kind of emotions. In many countries, medium wave radio (AM radio) has a strong tradition. Here in Finland, especially those born in the 1970s, however, have stronger memories of FM radio. Sure, many of my age have at least tested for long-, medium-, or shortwaves.

As a DX Listener myself, these traditional wavebands have always been dear. Over the years I have collected mainly new stations and also send them reception reports and collect QSL cards. In addition to that, there has always been a little program listener inside me. Over the years I have had many favorite stations that I listened regularly. Such short-wave or medium wave transmitters, which had already been transferred to history, included VOA Europe, Radio Nederland, AFN, Swiss Radio International and Radio Budapest.

When I started DX Listening back in the 90s, the shortwaves were still strong. Many countries had their own foreign services on shortwaves, and in addition, there was plenty of home service programs as well ,on both shortwaves and medium waves. We do not have a particularly long tradition of medium waves or shortwaves in Finland. Sure, YLE broadcast from a few locations in medium- and shortwaves, but the most popular have been FM stations.

Even though world services have gone to the elevators, my love for radio is not dead. While the shortwaves are mainly filled with the programs from China Radio International, especially when big European MW stations leaves bands we DX Listeners have been able to enjoy stations from faraway.

Radio enthusiasts are known to never have too many receivers. I too have a huge arsenal of receivers, and at no point have I felt that they were too many.

Some of my main receivers:


  • AirSpy HF+ (Stat of art SDR reciver. Neat high performance receiver)
  • AirSpy Mini with SpyVerter (Nice little SDR stick)
  • Sangean ATS-909x (My personal favorite portable radio)
  • Sony XDR-F1HD (GTK-modded for FMDXing)

Some of other more and less used receivers:

  • Sony IFC-SW1 (Sweet little pocket receiver from the 80’s or the 90’s. Quite good performance compared to it’s size)
  • RTL-SDR Blog V3 (Cheap and reasonable stick)
  • Tivdio v-115 (Fun little radio from China. Ability to record audio directly to a memory card).
  • Yaesu FRG-7700 (True classic)
  • Grundig Satellitt 500 (Excellent portable receiver. Very good audio)
  • Tecsun PL-365
  • Grundig Satellit 1400 PRO
  • Selena B212 (This is also true classic from former Soviet Union),
  • VEB Stern-Radio Sonnenerg: Prominent 203 (70’s home radio from DDR).

Radio is still fun media! Interesting, exciting and entertaining.

Oh, from coast to coast and line to line. In every county there, I’m talkin’ ’bout that outlaw X, Is cuttin’ through the air

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